How to Make Money as a Stunt Driver

Stunt driving offers exciting chances to make cash while showing off abilities. It involves performing dangerous feats with cars, usually for movies, TV, or live events. This job requires skill, training, and a good sense of danger. There’s high demand for stunt drivers since they can put on stunning acts that astound viewers. Stunt driving can be a successful career for those passionate about driving and pushing limits.

Making money as a stunt driver can be done in many ways. One is through films – where stunt drivers are hired for action scenes. These may involve fast chases, jumps, drifts, and other daring moves. By working with directors, stunt coordinators, and others in the film industry, stunt drivers can make lots of money by contributing their expertise to spectacular scenes.

Make Money

Stunt drivers can also make money by participating in live events such as shows, exhibitions, and competitions. These offer chances to show off driving skills and entertain crowds. Stunt drivers can be paid well for performances – especially if they have a rep for delivering thrilling stunts. This can even result in contracts and sponsorships, increasing earnings.

Stunt drivers can also offer services as driving instructors or consultants, giving training and advice to novice stunt performers or people wanting to improve their driving skills. By sharing experience and knowledge, stunt drivers can make money and help the stunt driving industry develop. This allows them to diversify their income and become experts in their field.

In summary, becoming a stunt driver provides the chance to make money in different ways in the film, live events, and teaching industries. By combining great driving capabilities with a craving for excitement, individuals can have a successful career in stunt driving and earn a rewarding income. So, whether it’s through exciting film scenes, fascinating live activities, or passing on wisdom, stunt drivers have the potential to make a great living doing what they love.

Requirements for Becoming a Stunt Driver

How to Make Money as a Stunt Driver

For becoming a stunt driver, there are some must-haves. A mix of physical skills, technical know-how, and mental focus are needed for success.

  • Physical: To excel, you need strength, agility, and flexibility. Exercise, martial arts, and aerobics can help.
  • Driving Skills: Exceptional driving skills are a must. Handle different vehicles and know vehicle dynamics. Practice precision driving and get professional certifications.
  • Stunt Training: Learn how to safely perform drifts, jumps, and high-speed turns. Also, understand how to work with special effects experts.
  • Mental: Stunt driving requires focus and concentration. Remain calm under pressure and react quickly. You can do this through meditation and visualization.

On top of that, good communication skills, a passion for action, and a willingness to learn are also important. Dedication, discipline, and a drive for perfection are essential. To be a stunt driver, you must have all of this.

Top-Notch Stunt Driver Schools




1. Bobby Ore Motorsports

Bobby Ore Motorsports, located in Florida and California, is renowned for its comprehensive stunt driving courses. Founded by Bobby Ore, a professional stunt driver with over 30 years of experience, this school offers various courses catering to different skill levels. Students can learn various techniques, from precision driving to high-speed maneuvers, under expert supervision.

2. Rick Seaman’s Stunt Driving School

Rick Seaman’s Stunt Driving School, based in California, is another excellent choice for aspiring stunt drivers. A veteran stunt driver with credits in numerous Hollywood blockbusters, imparts his vast knowledge to students through a hands-on approach. The school offers three levels of stunt driving courses, ensuring something for everyone, from beginners to seasoned professionals.

3. Stunt Driving Experience

For those based in the UK, Stunt Driving Experience offers a unique opportunity to learn the art of stunt driving. This school provides a range of courses, including a full-day stunt driving course that covers everything from handbrake turns to high-speed J-turns.

How to Secure an Apprenticeship in Stunt driving School

After honing your skills at a professional stunt driving school, the next step is to secure an apprenticeship. This will provide you with real-world experience and help you establish connections within the industry. Here are some tips to help you land a stunt driving apprenticeship:

1. Network

Networking is crucial in the stunt driving industry. Attend industry events, join professional organizations, and connect with established stunt drivers and coordinators. These connections can lead to opportunities for apprenticeships.

2. Build a Portfolio

Create a portfolio showcasing your skills. This could include videos of your stunt driving, certificates from professional schools, and any relevant experience. A well-crafted portfolio can make you stand out to potential employers.

3. Stay Persistent

Breaking into the stunt driving industry can be challenging, but persistence pays off. Keep honing your skills, applying for apprenticeships, and networking within the industry. Your dedication and passion will eventually lead to opportunities.

Steps to Becoming a Professional Stunt Driver

Make Money As Stunt Driver

To be a pro stunt driver, there are a few steps to take. They involve honing certain skills and gathering experience. “How to make money as a stunt driver” has the details.

  1. Step 1: Make Driving Skills Fantastic
  2. Stunt drivers must be top-notch drivers. Learning to drift, do precision driving, and maneuver at high speeds is key. The article has tips to help improve.
  3. Step 2: Get Professional Coaching
  4. To make skills even better, get professional training. This covers driving techniques and lessons about stunt driving safety, risk assessment, and team coordination. The article suggests great programs and institutions.
  5. Step 3: Get Practical Experience
  6. Once the basics and training are done, get practical experience. Start with small gigs like commercials or small-scale productions. Networking within the industry can help get gigs and exposure.

Seeking mentorship from experienced professionals will help refine skills and learn the job. Practice often and push the limits to develop and grow.

Becoming a pro stunt driver involves making driving skills fantastic, getting professional coaching, and getting practical experience. The article helps with every step. Follow the steps and use the suggestions, and individuals can have a successful careers as a professional stunt driver.


Stunt driving can be profitable for those gifted and determined. With the ability to do daring and exciting maneuvers in a car, stunt drivers can find jobs in movies, TV shows, and live events.

Success in this industry relies on talent, experience, and connections. Stunt drivers must be skilled in drifting, precision, and high-speed driving. Building a strong portfolio and reputation in the industry is essential to get regular work.

Safety is also necessary. Adhere to safety protocols and work closely with stunt coordinators to keep everyone safe. Get educated and stay updated on trends and new technologies in the field to make yourself more desirable.

Stunt driving is thrilling but comes with risks. It demands dedication, grit, and a willingness to keep pushing yourself. You can succeed in this exciting industry by combining talent, experience, and safety.

To sum up, stunt driving can be beneficial and thrilling. You must hone your skills, gain a good reputation, prioritize safety, and stay updated with industry news. It requires passion, determination, and a commitment to learning. So, if you have the skills and drive, consider a career in stunt driving and enjoy the thrill it brings.


Some Facts About How To Make Money as a Stunt Driver:

  • ✅ Stunt drivers often come from a career in racing, but it’s not essential. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Stunt drivers need to know the basics of stunt driving, such as drifting, handbrake turns, and jumps. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Having experience in a wide variety of vehicles gives drivers more working opportunities. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ At the start, stunt drivers earn very little, but as they progress, they can make six figures. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Joining the appropriate acting union is important for stunt drivers. (Source: Team Research)

FAQs about How To Make Money As A Stunt Driver

How can I make money as a stunt driver?

To make money as a stunt driver, you can follow these steps:

  1. Develop your driving skills by attending a stunt driving school and practicing on multiple vehicles, including motor vehicles, stock car racing, quad bikes, wheeled cranes, and forklifts.
  2. Build a good resume and cover letter highlighting your professional experience, including specific routes, closed sets, and explosive one-off action scenes.
  3. Obtain as many driving licenses as possible, such as a manual gearbox, to expand your opportunities as a stunt driver.
  4. Create a demo reel showcasing your best stunts and include it on your website. It should also feature professional headshots and a list of your professional affiliations, such as the Screen Actors Guild.
  5. Maintain physical fitness through regular workouts and a healthy lifestyle, as stunt driving can be physically demanding.
  6. Hustle for work by making connections in the industry, contacting casting directors, and getting listed on state and local film office production guides.

What are the benefits of joining the Screen Actors Guild as  driver?

Joining the Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) as a stunt driver can provide several benefits:

  • Access to higher rates and better working conditions on set.
  • Opportunities to work on big-budget scenes and TV series, such as Mad Max.
  • Networking opportunities with industry professionals, including casting directors.
  • Protection and support from the union regarding contracts, disputes, and insurance.

How important is developing driving skills when pursuing this career?

Developing driving skills is crucial for a successful career as a stunt driver. Here’s why:

  • Attending a stunt driving school and practicing on various vehicles will enhance your versatility and make you more valuable on set.
  • Mastering techniques like handbrake turns, driving on two wheels, and barrel rolls will showcase your expertise and open up more job opportunities.
  • Having experience on different surfaces, such as gravel, sand, and snow, demonstrates your ability to handle diverse driving conditions.
  • Understanding the basics of stunt driving, including j-turns, flips, and jumps, is essential for executing thrilling and safe action scenes.

Can I make money as a stunt driver by performing in closed sets only?

While most stunt driving work is done on closed sets, there are other avenues to make money as a stunt driver:

  • Performing in local spots and events, such as car shows and promotional gigs, can provide additional income opportunities.
  • Exploring opportunities in commercials, where stunt driving skills may be required.
  • Working on independent films or smaller productions that may not have access to large closed sets.
  • Collaborating with jack-of-all-trades stunt drivers specializing in multiple areas, such as precision driving for commercials or driving stunts for TV series.

What is the average income a stunt driver can expect to earn?

The average income of a stunt driver can vary, but those in regular work typically earn around £40,000-60,000. As you progress in your career, making six figures as a stunt driver is possible.

Are professional driving courses necessary to become a stunt driver?

While professional driving courses, such as those offered at stunt driving schools, are not essential to becoming a stunt driver. However, they can greatly enhance your skills and provide valuable experience. Attendance at these courses can also demonstrate your commitment and dedication to the profession.

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